Company Info

Zhe Jiang La Ding Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern company integrating smart home and smart lock research and development, production, sales and technical support. The company provides fingerprint lock smart lock OEM ODM OEM OEM. The company has home improvement industry, security door , stainless steel locks and other deep background, the company’s products mainly cover residential areas, villas, offices, high-end apartments, schools, government units and other fields. Pull the fingerprint lock to the national investment agent.
La Ding on the intelligence, accumulating in the industry experience, through the team’s innovation and time accumulation, has developed more than 10 kinds of intelligent products such as smart home, household password lock, fingerprint lock, induction lock, etc., and has many national invention patents and practical patents. The
company’s headquarters and production base are located in China’s hardware capital, China’s Mendu-Yongkang City. It has a unique geographical advantage of more than 3,000 logistics and products. It has gathered a large number of products from mold opening, precision engineering, stamping and other modern production lines. Management talents and sales elites, based on the core of “China’s quality” and “China’s wisdom” and “quality comes from the details”, continue to innovate and develop, to provide our customers with the highest quality products and the best quality service!
Strong research and development The team is a solid guarantee for the continuous lead. 100% for the pursuit of superior quality, pull stare core component product system developed by the R & D team, to adapt to a variety of markets, established a production pull stare Sales After-sales service of high-tech modern security base, under the
intelligent fingerprint center, Machinery R&D Center, Electronic R&D Center, Quality Testing Center, and a research and development team of more than 50 people.
Yongkang La Ding Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on fingerprint technology, smart home, a unique technology as the core, only for the pursuit of the ultimate perfection for the concept of research and development, science and technology to bring customers the ultimate experience