China’s smart door lock market has become more and more prosperous in the past two years. The earliest smart locks appeared as a component of smart homes. As the entry-level products of smart homes and the core items of home smart security, smart locks have become more and more prominent. Without smart homes, smart locks can be installed first, becoming an independent Emerging industries.

According to the forecast data of the National Lock Industry Information Center, the global smart lock industry has a scale of about 11 million in 2016. Among them, the Chinese market is about 3.5 million sets, ranking first in the world, South Korea 1.7 million sets, Japan 1.5 million sets, and the European and American markets totaling 250. Ten thousand sets; in 2017, there will be 18 million sets worldwide, and by 2020, they will reach 51 million sets, with a compound growth rate of over 40%.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese market is the largest, but the penetration rate is not high relative to the volume. According to the “2017 China Smart Lock Application and Development White Paper” data, the Korean market penetration rate is as high as 80%, and the Chinese market penetration rate is only 2%. This means that the Chinese market still has huge potential to be tapped. It is estimated that by 2020, the overall scale will reach 32 million sets, accounting for more than half of the world.

In fact, in recent years, the smart lock manufacturers in the Chinese market can be described as “Hundreds of Flowers”. Not only do the old companies from Europe, America and South Korea, but also Chinese Internet companies, home appliance manufacturers, communication equipment manufacturers and startups run into the market to compete for this big cake. . From the perspective of industry development in 2017, the market is still in an extremely fragmented situation. Then, which manufacturers have the opportunity to grasp the opportunities for the rapid growth of China’s smart lock market?

Although there are many manufacturers, we can actually be divided into three categories. The first category is a well-known Chinese manufacturer. It is represented by the domestic brand JIANSHU Jianshu smart lock. It has a good ability in precision technology and product quality, and its appearance value is also very distinctive. For example, S007, F01 and other smart lock designs are very fashionable. The lines are strong and have been favored by many young families.
The second is a Korean manufacturer. The Korean smart lock market is highly mature, and its mechatronics technology has firmly occupied the leading position in the industry after more than 20 years of development. Moreover, the overall strength of Korean manufacturers is strong, and it is a neighboring relationship with China, which makes Korean manufacturers very adapt to the Chinese market and attaches great importance to the Chinese market. Representative companies include Samsung, GATEMAN Gatman, Newell Newell Smart Lock and so on.

Among them, Samsung, as a signboard company in South Korea, is a leader in many sub-sectors such as machinery and electronics. The smart locks are also rich in variety and brand influence. However, Samsung Smart Lock is mainly sold in China. GATEMAN is somewhat similar to Samsung. Newell Newell Smart Lock is a Korean professional smart lock manufacturer with excellent precision technology. It emphasizes the integration of technology leadership and design aesthetics, and it is the most familiar Korean smart lock brand in the Chinese market.

On the whole, the huge potential of China’s smart lock market will inevitably attract more and more manufacturers to participate in the competition, and the characteristics of the smart lock industry will also make the market not monopolized by some giants in a short time, but there will be a clear hierarchy. The characteristics of some manufacturers occupy a large share, and some small manufacturers seize the market segment.

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