How to make it easy to use fingerprint locks! Smart lock is a smart product that has gradually become a must for people’s home life. Smart locks bring fashion, convenience and safety to daily life, and also put forward higher quality and service requirements for smart lock manufacturers. 01 fingerprint lock purchase advice 1. Practicality: Convenience and […]

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the domestic living standards are also showing a leap forward. Intelligence, environmental protection and energy conservation have become new consumption concepts. With the advent of the intelligent era , smart home products are gradually replacing traditional home devices, and smart door locks are one of them. You can open the door without […]

China’s smart door lock market has become more and more prosperous in the past two years. The earliest smart locks appeared as a component of smart homes. As the entry-level products of smart homes and the core items of home smart security, smart locks have become more and more prominent. Without smart homes, smart locks can […]

1.1 Version Description 1.2 Overall thinking 2.1 Mobile APP 2.1.1 APP Software Overview 【The main function】 2.1.2 APP software operating environme 2.1.3 Mobile client software installation 2.1.4 User Account Login 2.1.5 Personal Center 2.1.6 Configuring the WIFI Box to Connect to the Network 2.1.7 Adding a WIFI box that has been configured to access the […]

Tuya smart password fingerprint lock is the first port to open the smart home. At present, there are various lock products in the previous domestic market, including mechanical lock, induction lock, password lock, fingerprint lock, etc., each product has different functional principles and technical application. Mechanical lock is the lowest technical content of the lock, […]