H1 Automatic slide cover intelligent fingerprint lock combination lock bluetooth remote APP lock lock

Model Number: H1 Material: Zinc Alloy, Acrylic Colour: Black, gold,Red tan Product Weight: 5Kg Dimension: 380*78*30mm (L×W×H) Unlocking Mode: Bluetooth App, Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card, Mechanical Key ,NB networked remote management Lock Body Mortise: 304 Stainless Steel 6068 Mortise Door Thickness: 38~120mm


Product advantages:

Digital touch technology, patented three anti-lock body, virtual password, full voice prompt, multiple security design, four-in-one opening

Pull stare smart lock smart fingerprint lock virtual password, remote control temporary APP key semiconductor fingerprint identification

product manual:

  Intelligent fingerprint lock slide series product parameters:

Series name: slide fingerprint lock


 Size: 380*78*28 (mm)

  Available colors: elegant black / red bronze

  Open the door: fingerprint / password / smart card / mechanical key / small program temporary key, five-in-one function.

  Expandable door opening method: APP online real-time information push unlock function / Bluetooth unlock / smart home system docking / remote unlock

      Net weight: 5.0 kg

  Material: zinc alloy / drilled glass

  Total capacity: 300

  Password length: 6-digit opening password, total 30-digit password

  Working power: 4 AA batteries,

  Intelligent fingerprint lock slide series features:

5A high-intensity drilled touch-sensitive screen, smart phone touch-sensitive experience, no finger marks, easy to clean;

The virtual password technology can input any number before and after the password is opened, and the possibility that the opening password is peeped and leaked can be eliminated.

Full voice prompts, easy to use settings, even for the elderly and children can easily use;

Patented three anti-lock body, all-steel bolt, anti-saw, anti-smashing, anti-collision three anti-relief design;

A variety of safety design, the door is automatically locked, and the handle is fully locked;

Customized door card technology, you can add your existing IC card, bus card, city card, etc. as a card to open, so that you do not need to open the door card;

There is no right outer opening, right inner opening, left outer opening, left inner opening, one lock universal;

Dual verification technology: original security mode, password input + smart card dual verification to unlock, comprehensively improve security access standards

Policy Support:


Provide huge profit margins; provide good after-sales service; provide reasonable operating space; provide strict market protection; complete missions to provide year-end rebates; provide timely supply of goods, ensure arrival within 2 to 10 days nationwide; provide legal business procedures Providing a regional agent;


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Have strong sense of responsibility and confidence; have mature and perfect sales network; have terminal promotion ability; have good commercial network reputation; have unobstructed market channels; have long-term cooperation determination; have certain economic strength; Operational experience, strong market development capabilities;

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