With the rapid development of China’s economy, the domestic living standards are also showing a leap forward. Intelligence, environmental protection and energy conservation have become new consumption concepts. With the advent of the
intelligent era , smart home products are gradually replacing traditional home devices, and smart door locks are one of them. You can open the door without a key, and replace the traditional key with a mobile phone. The smart door lock can really bring great convenience to people’s lives. However, with the increasing number of smart door locks on the market, in order to seize more consumers, smart door locks When manufacturers are trying to promote their products, they will inevitably have a lot of “exaggerated” ingredients, and these are likely to cause great misunderstandings to consumers. As the saying goes, “Know yourself and know each other and win every battle”, and for those who purchase fingerprint locks, it is also essential to understand the performance of the product. How much do you know about the common technical terms of fingerprint locks? Know what is “resolving Rate? What is the “false rate”?

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to some of the technical terms of the fingerprint lock industry, so that you can be handy when you buy.
What is the resolution:

The resolution (dpi) is the interpretation of the fingerprint reader of the fingerprint lock. Like the pixel principle of the camera, the higher the pixel, the clearer the image is. The higher the resolution of the fingerprint reader, the faster the response. The more accurate, the more stable the performance.

According to the fingerprint lock industry standard, the resolution of the fingerprint reader is 500dpi, which is lower than the resolution of the fingerprint reader. The response speed, recognition accuracy and stability are not guaranteed. Under normal circumstances, the resolution of the fingerprint lock at 500dpi, the door opening time is generally about 1 second. Below this value, the door opening speed takes 1 second or even seconds.

At present, the highest resolution of the domestic fingerprint lock is the black dragon fingerprint lock, its resolution is 500dpi, and the door opening speed is less than 0.5 seconds, which really realizes the quick and quick opening.
What is the rate of misunderstanding:

“FAR, FalseAcceptRate”, also known as the false rate, is a key technical indicator of the fingerprint identification system, which indicates the probability that a fingerprint that should not be matched is accepted by the system. Simply straightforward is the probability of opening a fingerprint lock with a finger that does not have a fingerprint. For example, a person’s fingerprint is not entered into the fingerprint lock, but when he uses his finger to open the door, the fingerprint lock thinks that his fingerprint information matches one of the fingerprints already entered, such as automatic.

The level of misrecognition is related to the security of the fingerprint lock. The lower the false positive rate, the safer the fingerprint lock, and the more unsafe. As far as the fingerprint lock industry is concerned, the common misunderstanding rate is about one millionth, and the safety factor is relatively high.

What is the rejection rate:

“FRR, FalseRejectRate”, also known as “rejection rate”, is another key technical indicator of the fingerprint identification system, indicating the probability that a fingerprint of the same source will be rejected. In other words, it is clear that the fingerprint has been entered, but when the fingerprint is used, it is considered by the system to be a fingerprint that is not stored, so that the probability of opening the door cannot be opened. For example, some people usually use fingerprints to open the door when they are open, but occasionally there will be one or two times when they use the fingerprint lock to open the door.

The lower the rejection rate, the more stable the fingerprint lock, and the more unstable it is. As far as the current fingerprint lock industry is concerned, the universal rejection rate is around 1%, and the stability factor can be improved. An effective way to solve the problem of fingerprint rejection is to press the fingerprint several times.
What is bio-living fingerprint recognition technology:

That is, according to the uniqueness and stability characteristics of the bio-living fingerprint, the real living fingerprint identification technology can recognize the skin dermis fingerprint, and can perform the skin temperature and humidity recognition to ensure that the living body can only identify the advanced technology. Its most important advantage is to avoid the security technical problems of copying fingerprints and dry fingerprints.

For example, the fingerprints used by white-collar workers for punching cards can only be whitened in fingerprint locks with biometric fingerprint recognition technology. Only real human fingerprints can be turned on.

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