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This article is about the gateway and APP usage documentation of Huixiang home smart door lock . This article is divided into the following two parts: 

1) APP introduction and instructions for use; 
2) Introduction and usage instructions of the gateway; 

2 system structure 

Figure 2-1 System structure diagram

2.1 mobile APP

Installed on Android or IOS mobile phone, it realizes remote operation of door lock, message push and user information display. 

2.1.1 APP Software Overview

Huixiang Home, a smart door lock app for you. Adopt financial government-level security standards and ensure the safety of product use through multi-layer encryption protection mechanism. We insist on providing convenient and practical product functions from the perspective of users and door lock manufacturers. It makes it easy for you to control the smart door locks in your home, truly bringing you a safe, convenient and intelligent life experience, making your home unique.

【The main function】

1) Remote unlocking (supporting fingerprint unlocking); 
2) Authorize temporary unlocking; 
3) Support adding / deleting / modifying passwords, fingerprints, cards, and remote keys; 
4) Set the door lock time; 
5) Set the door lock advanced function; 
6) Two-dimensional code, family members and other door lock authorization methods; 
7) The door lock operation records the image, and the more friendly door lock log display experience; 
8) Timing feedback status of the door lock, including door opening reminder, unlocking error number over limit reminder, shackle alarm, hijacking alarm, unclosed alarm, arming reminder, disarming reminder, low battery alarm, doorbell event, etc. 

2.1.2 APP software operating environment

iOS : The system version requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Works on iPhone , iPad , iPod touch . Android: The system version requires Androi 4.0 or higher. 

2.1.3 Mobile client software installation

The App icon looks like this:

You can search for the client as follows. After the search is successful, you can download and install it for free: iOS users: You can search for the Huixiang home app in the App Store by entering the following keywords : 

“ Huixiang Home ” , “ SweetHome Smart Home ” , “ SweetHome ” , “ Sweet Home ” , “ Smart Door Lock ”, “ smarthome ” , “ Smart Home ” , “ smart lock ” , “ smartlock ” , “ sweethome ”, etc.

Android users : You can enter ” Huixiangjia ” to search for the Huixiang home app in App.

2.1.4 User Account Login

Figure 2-2 APP login page

There are three login methods , namely email login and mobile phone number login and QQ authorized login: Method 1  Need to register first before email login, click on the bottom of the Create one registration, the registration after login.

Method 2: Mobile phone number login, open the Wishome application, enter the login interface, enter 11 mobile phone numbers in China, click [acquire verification code], receive After the verification code, fill in the verification code in the [Verification Code] input box and click the Login button to log in. 

Method 3: QQ authorization login, click the QQ icon on the login page to authorize login. For the first time, you need to bind the mobile phone number first. You only need to log in through QQ authorization to log in quickly. 

2.1.5 Personal Center

1. Click on the top left corner of the app , hit 2 , select to set the avatar 3 , select the avatar from the album, open the sidebar, select the individual or take a photo directly. 

4 , set personal nickname 5 , set gender 6 , exit account

Figure 2-3 Personal Center

Open the sidebar and click the Personal Center option to enter the data editing interface. You can edit and view the following information:

1) modify / view the avatar; 
2) View the login account; 
3) Modify / view user nickname; 
4) Modify / view gender; 
5) Logout; 

2.1.6 Configuring WIFI Box to Enter the Network

1.open APP,Open the APP, click on the top left corner

2.Click add device,select  “Smart  Gateway”

Connect the available WiFi plus networking device corners, open the sidebar, select

Connected to WIFI , smartlink mode

Type of voice 

Figure 2-4 Configuring a WIFI box to access the network

The WI-FI box is a type of gateway, and the gateway lock needs to pass through the gateway to communicate with the mobile phone;

1) The first time you use the WI-FI box, you need to configure it into the network. Turn on the power, wait for about 30 seconds to initialize, short press the WI-FI box with the network button, hear ” Waiting to connect WI-FI” and see the flashing light flashes, indicating that the WI-FI box has entered the configuration mode. 
2) Connect your mobile phone to your home WI-FI wireless network. Open the Huixiangjia App and go to the Add Networking Device interface. 
3) Click the [ WI-FI Box] option to enter the configuration interface guide page and click [Next]. At this time, your wireless network name is automatically obtained. Enter the wireless router password you want to connect, and click [Next] to enter the distribution network. mode. After binding the WI-FI box successfully, you can modify the name, or you can choose to continue adding the door lock. 

2.1.7 Adding a WIFI box that has been configured into the network

Select to add a networked device , search for the device to hit the network button, WiFi box language click WI-FI box tone prompt gateway to enter 

Clicked WIFI box flashing WiFi box strapped into the device opposite the device name, sparkle may be directly given access door added 

Figure 2-5 User adds WIFI box that has been configured into the network

If the WI-FI box is configured for network access, you can find it after searching the WI-FI box by searching the LAN . Please connect the mobile phone WI-FI to the WI-FI wireless network connected to the device , then open the Huixiangjia App , enter the add networking device interface, click the [ WI-FI box] option to enter the configuration interface guide page, click [ WI-FI] Is the box configured for access to the network? Click the search device] prompt to enter the search device page, if you search for multiple devices, you can click the WI-FI box with the network button, let the WI-FI box enter the discovery mode, the icon of the corresponding device will enter the flashing state, click the corresponding Gateway completion 

Addition of the WI-FI box.

2.1.8 Add a wired box

Select to add a networked device , start searching for the distribution network button, wired box voice click on the wired box to prompt the gateway to enter the searchable 


The clicked wired box is in the flash box, enters the binding 6 , the binding is successful, you can set the device name, or you can 

Add a door lock 

Figure 2-6 Adding a wired box

The wired box is the same as the WI-FI box. It can be used with the gateway lock. The gateway lock needs to pass.

The gateway can communicate with the phone.

The wired box enters the network by plugging in the network cable, and does not need to be configured to access the network through the mobile phone. Add a wired box to pass the local area

After the network search method is found and added, the specific adding process is as follows:

1) Connect the mobile phone WI-FI to the network connected to the wired box; 
2) Open the Huixiangjia App , enter the Add Networking Device interface, click the [Wired Box] option to enter the configuration interface guide page; 
3) Turn on the power of the wired box; 
4) Insert the network cable to allow the wired box to access the network; 
5) If it is the first time to use the wired box, please wait for the arming to complete and then click to start searching. If the wired box has no arming prompt, click the [Start Search] button below; 
6) If multiple devices are searched, click the WI-FI box with the network button to let the gateway box enter the discovery mode, which can distinguish different wired boxes, and the icon of the corresponding device will enter the blinking state. 
7) Click on the corresponding gateway to complete the addition of the gateway box. 

2.1.9 Adding a Gateway Lock

After, just click Finish and sidebar, select Add networking settings button to add smart locks 

Add a smart door lock device and click on the gateway 

To add a device , wait for the home to modify the door lock name and add the door lock 

Add door lock 

Figure 2-7 Adding a smart door lock

1) Install the battery for the door lock, and press the pairing button on the door lock to make the door lock enter the pairing state. 
2) After the gateway box is added successfully, you can click the [Complete and add smart door lock] button to jump directly to the add door lock guide page interface. You can also click [Gateway Lock] on the [Add Network Device] interface to enter the Add Door Lock Guide page interface; 
3) Click the [Add Smart Door Lock] button. If there are multiple gateways, the box will prompt you to select the gateway to which you want to add the door lock. Select the gateway and click the [OK] button. When you hear the gateway prompting “ Waiting to add devices ” , the gateway has entered. Add the door lock status. After the door lock is added successfully, you can view it in the door lock homepage. 

2.1.10 Switching the door lock displayed on the home page

When the account has multiple locks, there are two ways to quickly switch the lock:

The white on the right side of the door lock name sees the added door lock to see more door locks. Click on the triangle to select the door lock to be displayed on the home page. 

Figure 2-8 Switching the door lock displayed on the home page (method 1 )

1) On the door lock homepage, find the [Triangle] white button on the right side of the title bar at the top of the page. When clicked, the door lock selection list will pop up. The selected door lock indicates the door lock currently displayed on the door lock home page. In the pop-up door lock selection list, if one screen does not display all the door locks, you can scroll the list to find the corresponding door lock, and click the corresponding door lock icon to switch the door lock displayed on the door lock home page. 

1. Open the APP sidebar, you can see the door lock 2 added in the door lock list , slide up and down, click to select the door lock to be displayed on the main interface. 

Figure 2-9 Switching the door lock displayed on the home page (Method 2 )

2 ) Open the application sidebar. Under the [Lock List] option, you can view all the door locks. The selected door lock indicates the door lock currently displayed on the door lock home page. If the number of door locks is relatively large, you can slide the list up and down to find the corresponding door lock. Click the corresponding door lock icon to quickly switch the door lock displayed on the door lock home page.

2.1.11 APP unlock operation

To see the unlock button code, click OK to unlock the fingerprint. Click on the main interface 

The more open the finger 

Pattern unlock setting

Code, the setting is successful, you only need to scan the fingerprint.

The main window may be more

And more inside turn this feature off 

Figure 2-10 APP unlocking and fingerprint unlocking of the mobile phone

The application provides two types of unlocking methods, password and fingerprint . By default, the password is unlocked. 

Select the corresponding door lock and click the [Unlock] button below the door lock homepage:

1) Password unlock: Enter the unlock password in the pop-up password box, and click the [OK] button to unlock it (Hint: the fingerprint unlock is not turned on or the password is unlocked under other abnormal conditions). 
2) Fingerprint unlocking: In the main interface of the door lock, click the [More] button, find the [Fingerprint Unlocking] option, open the fingerprint unlocking switch, and then verify the unlocking password in the pop-up prompt box. After the verification is successful, the fingerprint unlocking function will be enabled. Return to the main interface of the door lock, click the [Unlock] button, and the fingerprint can be unlocked successfully on the mobile phone. (Hint: some door locks do not support App fingerprint unlock function.) Note: The unlock password needs to be set by the administrator in the door lock or by the App password key. For the setting method of the door lock, please refer to the door lock instruction manual, App setting unlock. The method of password will be described below. 

2.1.12 Viewing the Door Lock Operation Log

You can see the operation of the door lock to view the history message.

Figure 2-11 Viewing the door lock operation information

1) Select the corresponding door lock, and slide the log list up and down on the door lock home page to view the operation log of the door lock. 
2) Pull-down refresh to get the latest log information and update the lock status. 
3) Pull-up loading can view more log information of the door lock. 

2.1.13 Setting a Temporary Unlock Password

1 , select the appropriate locks, at 2 , select the interim to be set to the visitors 3 , lock the main interface click on [temporary password expiration 

Time password], enter the setting

Temporary password interface 

Figure 2-12 Setting a temporary password operation

Select the corresponding door lock, click the [Temporary Password] button on the door lock homepage to enter the [Set Temporary Password] interface, enter the door lock administrator password (for the method of obtaining the door lock administrator password, please refer to the door lock instruction manual), and then enter the length. A temporary unlock password of 6 to 12 digits. The temporary password provides three settings: 

1) One time for one hour, the number of locks can be one time in one hour; 
2) The number of times a single lock can be unlocked in a single day; 
3) Validity period authorization, customize the unlocking validity period according to your actual needs, and unlock for an unlimited number of times during the validity period. After the temporary password is set successfully, you can choose to send it to the visitor via SMS. The visitor can directly enter the password in the lock or unlock the password. 

Unlock with the app . 

Note: A door lock can only be set to a temporary unlock password. After setting a new temporary password, the old temporary password will automatically expire.

2.1.14 door lock key management

The key types are mainly divided into a cryptographic key, a fingerprint key, a card key, a remote control key and an App key in the key tube.

Add / modify / view / delete these keys in the middle .

Key user types can be divided into administrators, regular users, and temporary users. These types are the same as the key types in the door lock. Adding a key

Click [Management] key, key type key, enter the administrator selects the key below [addpasswords and keys are added] key password 

Key, you need to enter the administrator password, and enter the fingerprint you need to add at the door lock

To enter an administrator password and enter a card at the door lock

To enter an administrator password and press the remote control pairing button 

Figure 2-13 Adding a key operation

After selecting the corresponding door lock, click the [Key Management] button on the door lock homepage to enter the [Key Management] interface.

Click the [Add Key] button below to enter the [Add Key] interface to add 4 keys: 

1) Password key: Click the [Password Key] option to enter the [Add Password Key] interface, enter the door lock administrator password, and then enter a new password with a length of 6~12 digits, click Finish. This password can be used in door locks and apps after successful setup . 
2) Fingerprint key: Click the [Fingerprint Key] option to enter the [Add Fingerprint Key] interface, enter the door lock administrator password, and then click Finish. After the successful transmission, you will see the bullet box prompting that the door lock has entered the fingerprint status.

Enter the fingerprint on the door lock.

3) Card key: Click the [Card Key] option to enter the [Add Card Key] interface, enter the door lock administrator password, and then click Finish. After the successful transmission, you will see the bullet box prompting that the door lock has entered the card entry state.

Enter the card on the door lock.

4) Remote control key: Click [Remote Key] to enter the [Add Remote Key] interface, enter the door lock administrator password, and then click Finish. After successful transmission, you will see the bullet box prompts that the door lock has entered the remote control state. Pair the remote control within 5 meters of the door lock . Key associated users

1. Open the main interface of the app , click 2 , click [Associated User] 3 , select this key to be associated with [Key Management], select the user, and the association is successful.

Key to be associated 

Figure 2-14 Key associated user operation

In order to facilitate us to more intuitively view which users operate the door lock in the door lock operation log, let the door lock log display operation

The author’s user avatar and user nickname, we can associate the key with the user.

In the key management list interface, click the corresponding key to enter the key details interface, click the [Associated User] option to enter the associated user interface, and select the corresponding family member to complete the key association setting. If there is no associated user to choose, you can add a family member and then associate the user. The specific method of adding a family member will be described later. Modify the key nickname

1. Similarly, you can also change the key to a personalized nickname in the key 2 and the selected key name management interface .

After that, click [key nickname] 

Figure 2-15 Modifying the key nickname operation

In the key details interface, click the [Key Nickname] option to enter the [Name] setting interface, enter the nickname to be set, and click Save in the upper right corner of the navigation bar to complete the setting. Change the password of the password key

1. Select 2 in the key management interface , enter the old password and the password key code of the new password to be modified , and click [Finish]

After that, click [Change Password] 

Figure 2-16 Changing the password operation of the password key

In the key details interface, click the [Modify Password] option to enter the [Modify Password] interface, enter the door lock administrator password, then enter a new password with a length of 6~12 digits, click Save in the upper right corner of the navigation bar to complete the setting. Delete the key

1. Select 2 in the key management interface . After the deletion is successful, there will be a key to delete the bullet box. Click the reminder.

[delete], then enter the tube

Administrator password 

Figure 2-17 Delete key operation

In the key details interface, click the [Delete] button and enter the door lock administrator password in the prompt box that pops up.

Certificate, then click delete.

2.1.15 door lock more settings

More settings for the door lock include the following features:

Modify device name, device QR code, lock user management, door lock advanced function setting, fingerprint unlock switch (setting method is introduced in [ 11 , unlock]), whistle switch, after-sales service phone, use guide, reset door lock Time, delete the door lock, etc.

Figure 2-18 Door lock more settings interface Modify the door lock name

1. Click on the main interface [More 2 , enter the personalized door lock name] to enter the door lock more settings , click [Save]

Interface, select [device name] 

Figure 2-19 Modifying the door lock name operation

Click the [Device Name] option to enter the [Device Name] modification interface, enter the device name and click Save. Device QR code

1 , enter the door more interface, select 2 , generate QR code

[device QR code] 

Figure 2-20 Device QR code operation

Users can scan the QR code to request the administrator to add devices. The specific method will be introduced in [Scan QR Code]. Lock User Management

Select [Lock User Management] or click the user member below to set permissions. 

Note, set permissions, delete users, etc.

Figure 2-21 Lock User Management Operation

[Lock User Management] can view all members of the door lock. The administrator can modify the member information. The lock user has three kinds of permissions on the device , namely administrator, ordinary user and observer. 

The administrator can actively share the device to another user, click the [Add Lock User] button, select the member in the family member list, and select the authorization type before setting the authorization (Note: After authorizing other users as the door lock administrator, you will Will lose access to the door lock) Door lock advanced function settings

1. Enter the door lock more interface 2 , click [door lock advanced function setting 3 , select the door lock function to be set

Set] can, enter the administrator password, point

Click [confirm]

Figure 2-22 Door lock advanced function settings

1) Under normal circumstances, only the administrator of the door lock and the ordinary user have the right to set the door lock advanced function item. 
2) The advanced function items that can be set by different door locks may be different. Some door locks do not support the advanced function settings of the app . To modify the advanced function settings, you need to enter the administrator password to verify. 
3) All advanced function settings include the following types: 
1. Combination unlocking: open means combined unlock mode, closed means single unlock mode; 
2. Normally open mode: After this mode is turned on , it will not be automatically locked after each unlocking, and the user needs to perform certain operations to close the lock ;
3. Voice is turned on; 
4. Flood control alarm; 
5. Lock cylinder alarm; 
6. Anti-lock function: On means to enable anti-lock detection, and off means to prohibit anti-lock detection( all personnel can open anti-lock )
7. Door lock volume; whistle switch

When the door lock alarm occurs, the door lock will actively report an alarm message to the App . If the whistle switch is turned on, the mobile phone will whistle and prompt the alarm message in the App box. If the whistle switch is turned off, the mobile phone No whistle alarm will be given. Reset door lock time

1. In the other interface, select [Reset 2 , click [Yes], you can lock the door lock time] andset the lock time to the mobile phone system.

Same time 

Figure 2-23 Reset door lock time operation

When the door lock time is inconsistent with the phone time, the door lock time can be adjusted to match the time of the phone by resetting the door lock time. Deleting the door lock

Figure 2-24 Delete the door lock operation

For users with different lock permissions, the result of the deletion is also different.

1) The administrator deletes the door lock: After the device is deleted successfully, the device on the related common users and observers will also be deleted, that is, all the binding relationships between the original user and the device will be invalid. 
2) The ordinary user or observer deletes the door lock: the operation only unbinds the relationship between the user and the device, and the other users and the door 

2.1.16 message reminder

1) When the iOS user opens the app for the first time , the system will pop up a bullet box that allows Wisdom to send you a notification. Click Allow, and you will be able to receive feedback on the status of the door lock from time to time. If you click does not allow that closed the wisdom to enjoy advising permission, you will not receive all push reminders, can be in the background iPhone ‘s ” Settings – notification – Hui enjoy home ” , open the notification switch applications. 
2) In the upper right corner of the application’s homepage navigation bar, click the [Bell铛] button to enter the [Message Center] interface to view all history messages. 

The message types of the message center mainly include: graphic messages, family member invitation requests, family member invitation processing results,

Door lock access application, door lock authorization processing result, network owner transfer notification, gateway change notification, door lock change notification, gateway firmware upgrade reminder, door lock access gateway, door lock disassembly, delete door lock user relationship notification, The device goes online and offline notifications.

Figure 2-25 Message Reminder

2.1.17 Family members

Family member features will make it easier to associate door locks / keys with users Adding family members


Figure 2-26 Adding a family member operation

1) Open the sidebar and click the [Family Members] button to enter the [Family Members] list interface; 
2) Click the [Add Family Members] button at the bottom of the interface. The first time you use this function, you will be asked if you are allowed to use your address book. Please click [OK] in the pop-up prompt box to allow Huixiangjia to visit you. Address book for quickly adding family members; 
3) After entering the [Add Family Members] address book interface, swipe the list or search to find the mobile phone number of the member you want to invite, click the [Invite] button, and wait for the other party to reply after the invitation is successful. 
4) If the other party’s mobile phone number is not in your address book list, click [Manual Add] in the upper right corner of the address book list navigation bar to enter the [Add Family Members] interface, enter the mobile phone number of the member to be invited, and click the [Send Invitation] button. After the invitation is successful, wait for the other party to reply. 
5) After successfully adding the other party as a family member, you can modify the remarks and view the nickname, mobile phone number, avatar and other information. Adding Device Authorization


Figure 2-27 Add device authorization operation

The door lock administrator can add the right to use the door lock for his family members. Select a family member to enter the member [Details] interface, click [Add Device Authorization], jump to the authorized device list, and select the device to be authorized. After that, go to the [Select Authorization Type] interface and set the usage rights for this user.

2.1.18 Scan QR code


Figure 2-28 Scanning the QR code operation

You can scan the door lock QR code to request the door lock administrator to add the device, the door lock QR code in [ 15.2 device QR code]

The information can be obtained. After the administrator receives the notification and sets the usage permission for the application user, the login applicant’s account can display the information of the authorized door lock.

2.1.19 Feedback


Figure 2-29 Feedback

2.1.20 settings


Figure 2-30 settings

Open the sidebar, click the [Settings] button to enter the [Settings] interface, you can view and modify the following information:

1) Open / close the application background push notification; 
2) View about; 
3) View the application version number; 

2.2 Io Cloud IOT

It is used to establish a communication channel between the mobile phone and the gateway, establish a data processing and interaction platform, and provide an access interface for the user.

2.3 router

A WIFI hotspot is provided for the gateway to access the network, and the WiFi box does not support the 5G WiFirouter. 

2.4 Gateway

One end is connected to the mobile APP through WIFI , and one end is connected with the door lock through a wireless signal to realize the connection between the mobile phone and the door lock. 

Data convergence.

2.4.1 Introduction to Gateway Devices

Huixiangjia Smart Wireless Gateway is a smart home system gateway product that uses wireless WIFIcommunication. This product is used for wireless communication data transmission in smart home systems. The device and the cloud data transmission adopt asymmetric encryption, support the reconnection of the line and the smartlink one-button distribution function , and provide a safe and reliable data transmission service for the smart home products to access the cloud. The product adopts humanized and intelligent design. Use the bi-colorLED lights and smart voice announcements to provide the user with a current status indication of the device.The product also uses a mature and stable hardware and software platform with a watchdog WDT protection.After strict design, testing, and practical application, the product performance is stable and reliable. 

2.4.2 Gateway button and LED function introduction Gateway button function description

Table 2-1 Gateway Button Function Description


Operation method


Large button


1. When the device is connected to the router, press and hold the button for 5 seconds, and the device enters the LAN to search for status;

2. When the device is not connected to the route , press and hold the button for 5 seconds, and the device enters the smart link mode of the one-button distribution network ;



1. When the device is connected to the router, press the button shortly to enter the LAN to search for the state; 2. When the device is not connected to the router, press the button shortly, and the device enters the smart link mode of the one-button distribution network ;

Small button


Press and hold for 5 seconds, the gateway device enters initialization;



Press the button three times in succession to enter the factory settings. Gateway LED breathing light status indication

Table 2-22-3 Gateway LED Status Indicator Description

Indicator status



The router is successfully connected and has not been connected to the cloud.


The connection to the cloud is successful and the device is running normally.

Red and blue alternately flashing

The device is powered on, but the router has not been successfully connected; the device is connecting to the cloud; 

The device is initializing the device; the device is undergoing one-click configuration; the device is adding a smart device; 

2.4.3 Gateway initialization operation

The gateway initialization operation can clear the gateway data, and the door lock added by the gateway is forcibly deleted. After initialization, the door lock needs to be re-added;

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