Tuya smart password fingerprint lock is the first port to open the smart home. At present, there are various lock products in the previous domestic market, including mechanical lock, induction lock, password lock, fingerprint lock, etc., each product has different functional principles and technical application. Mechanical lock is the lowest technical content of the lock, but also the most commonly used locks, the key is its only normal opening tool. In today’s requirement of safe, convenient home environment today, the mechanical lock with low safety performance, has obviously not met the needs of The Times development. And the smart password fingerprint lock is the first port to open the smart home life. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, what advantages does the smart password fingerprint lock have to meet the needs of consumers?

ONE. Safety

1. In the normal security environment of the community, the general door lock can be easily opened by criminals. And the smart password fingerprint lock has the patent skill guarantee.

2, the usual fingerprint lock has the risk of code leakage. Recently the intelligent lock also has the virtual digit code function skill, namely has registered the code in front or behind, can input the arbitrary number as the virtual digit code, useful to avoid the registration code leakage, together can open the door lock.

3. Secondly, fingerprint authentication is unique. Intelligent lock adopts biometric technology, which USES some physiological or behavioral characteristics of human body to identify identity, and has the characteristics of irreplaceable, unreplicable and unique. Because biometrics requires sensing the temperature, lines, blood flow and other physical characteristics of the finger, fingerprint replication works only in the movies, but not in the real world.

304 Stainless steel Tuya Smart Lock

TWO, intelligence

1. Firstly, store fingerprint and password information in large quantities. Initial users can add or delete user information independently. When users need to add entry permission for multiple users, they just need to input the fingerprint or password information of each other into the system. Conversely, when the user wants to prevent certain people (such as: decoration master, former nanny, etc.) to enter the home again, delete his relevant information. Intelligent operation does not require the user to constantly change the lock or set the key, which saves unnecessary expenses and trouble for the user.

2. Secondly, the synchronous use of password and magnetic card technology. Considering that some users have inherent defects in their fingers and cannot use fingerprint opening technology, high-end fingerprint lock products are equipped with password and magnetic card technology, which can be convenient for users with different habits and different ages. And these three kinds of technology do not affect each other, complement each other, can serve the user better.

3, now many fingerprint locks also have intelligent derivative security function. Such as anti-pry alarm function, this function can immediately send alarm when the lock body is damaged by external violence, direct linkage alarm, effectively prevent burglars into the room. There are also smart home functions. Fingerprint lock products can link other smart home devices in the home, realize the intellectualization of the whole house, and meet the needs of users who pursue intelligent technology consumption.

THREE, convenience

1, the recent smart lock is different from the previous open and then scanning method, scanning method is very simple, the finger on the top of the scanning from top to bottom scanning can, there is no need to press the finger on the scanning, scanning method to reduce fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of fingerprint replication, security exclusive.

2. The convenience of smart locks is that no one will ever have to worry about opening a door. Whether you forget your keys, have too many things in your hands to open the door, or are too drunk at night to remember where your keys are, smart locks can help you avoid these embarrassing situations. As long as gently point can enter, still do not affect family rest, kill two birds with one stone.

For those who love fashion and technology, the use of smart fingerprint combination locks has greatly enhanced their experience of living in the smart home. Especially in the rapid development of electronic technology today, the use of smart fingerprint password lock will be better with mobile phones and other smart communication links, the future to open the first port of smart home.

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